£329.00 The Splendour Of The Chariot- Borne Soorya Brass Statue

The Splendour Of The Chariot- Borne Soorya Brass Statue

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Lord Soorya is revered as the prime source of life and nourishment by the peoples of the subcontinent. His many names include Vivasvat (Sanskrit word for 'brilliant), Savitra ('nourisher'), and Lokachakshu ('eye of the realm'). Lore has it that He rides a chariot as brilliant as He is, drawn by no less than seven horses, across the skies each day in His bid to overpower the demons of darkness. He is one of the highest-order deities of Hinduism and a lesser-known deity in Buddhism. This sculpture of the highly venerated Deva depicts Him with His usual two hands, seated in padmasana in His chariot. In each of His hands is a lotus, an image of the sun itself constituting the halo behind His towering crown. Seated before the ornately engraved compartment of the chariot, with the reins of all the seven horses in His hands, is Aruna, the charioteer of Soorya.

The Chariot- Borne Soorya Brass Statue: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/product/sculptures/splendour-of-chariot-borne-soorya
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