£9.99 Wonderfully Composed 'Life Saving Words Of Original Wisdom.'

Wonderfully Composed 'Life Saving Words Of Original Wisdom.'

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Truly A Wonderful Wise Gift

Away With Wit & Words Co Ltd Presents To You!

'The Kingdom Of English Wisdom Volume One.'
Unopened and cellophane wrapped. Very rare!
Limited edition presented in a CD-Rom format.
Adobe Acrobat Multimedia Reader.

"Created along go for many years in advance;
110 pages filled with inspirational colourful wisdom.
Enjoy the authors witty remarks, original musical jingle,
and digital framework artistry; All sketch with a mouse scroll."

"We need smart knowledge during these unpredictable
increasingly difficult times to prevent;
The high cost of quality living and abnormal perverted violence."

"There is more! We also highlight human relationship,
ethical responsibility, unforeseeable causes,
a purposeful outlook, health benefits, and a love for nature."

Get your free three gifts! Additional CD's ambient music;
Plus! A small box of chocolate.

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Postage, Packing, & Delivery Totally Free!!
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