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Designer Peacock Showpiece on a Mushroom Plant - Brass Sculpture
One of the most preciously auspicious birds in Hindu mythology, Peacock has various symbolisms appended to it. The legend says that the bird peacock was brought to life with the feathers of Garuda, another mythical bird that was said to carry lord Vishnu. It represents the cycle of time, purity as well as is related to goddess Lakshmi, the bestower of wealth and prosperity. This is why keeping peacock feathers are considered auspicious and incite for wealth and good fortune. Peacock Brass Sculpture: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/product/homeandliving/15-designer-peacock-showpiece-on-mushroom-plant-handmade-home-decor-decorative-object-accents-brass-statue-made-in-india-zep129/ Peacocks: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/homeandliving/animals/peacocks/ Animal Figurine: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/homeandliving/animals/ Home & Livings: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/homeandliving/ Indian Art: https://www.exoticindiaart.com #indianart #art #peacockbrassstatue #brasssculpture
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Shirdi Sai Baba Brass Sculpture
Sai Baba of Shirdi was an ethereal master, who is regarded by his devotees as a Saint and a fakir. Therefore, He is revered by both his Hindu and Muslim followers. He preached the importance of self-realization and criticized love towards perishable things with His teachings concentrating on a moral code of love, forgiveness, charity, inner peace, and devotion to God and guru. Simplicity reaches to a divine level as the Shirdi Sai Baba statue casually rests its arm on a perfectly carved cushion that implicates his neglection of pride and depicts his pragmatic nature. His thoughtful expression is captured expertly in this figurine with the amazingly sculpted heavenly mien being adorned with a fantastically sculpted garland. Sai Baba Statue: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/product/sculptures/3-shirdi-sai-baba-in-brass-handmade-made-in-india-zen399/ Brass Statue: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/sculptures/brass/ Hindu God: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/sculptures/hindu/
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The Splendour Of The Chariot- Borne Soorya Brass Statue
Lord Soorya is revered as the prime source of life and nourishment by the peoples of the subcontinent. His many names include Vivasvat (Sanskrit word for 'brilliant), Savitra ('nourisher'), and Lokachakshu ('eye of the realm'). Lore has it that He rides a chariot as brilliant as He is, drawn by no less than seven horses, across the skies each day in His bid to overpower the demons of darkness. He is one of the highest-order deities of Hinduism and a lesser-known deity in Buddhism. This sculpture of the highly venerated Deva depicts Him with His usual two hands, seated in padmasana in His chariot. In each of His hands is a lotus, an image of the sun itself constituting the halo behind His towering crown. Seated before the ornately engraved compartment of the chariot, with the reins of all the seven horses in His hands, is Aruna, the charioteer of Soorya. The Chariot- Borne Soorya Brass Statue: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/product/sculptures/splendour-of-chariot-borne-soorya
Isle of Bute
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Visualisation Imagery- Oil Painting On Canvas
Of all the different layers of concentration expounded in the yogasootras, it is the seeded kind that is aided by visualisation imagery. By seeded, Maharshi Patanjali meant the state of the mind that still contains the singular remnant of a dying impression (sanskara). The abstract oil painting that you see on this page is a visualisation aid designed to propel the mind of the yogi towards seeded samadhi. It is a fine mix of solid pastel tones blending into a vortex at the Bindu (dot) in the center. It is an absorbing scarlet color, surrounded by white and gold and earthier greens, blues, and browns. The brushstrokes that make up the multitude of colors in the vortex are extended upwards into panels of aquamarine blue and the color of fire. This is the most striking aspect of the composition. Visualisation Imagery Painting: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/product/paintings/visualisation-imagery-ov75/ Oil Painting: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/paintings/oils/ Painting: https://www.
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Silver Sterling Coral Bracelet
Coral is governed by planet Mars. In astrology, great importance is attached to this planet, especially when considering a match for marriage. The position of the planet Mars in individual nativity decides the happiness or failure of conjugality. In Hindi and Sanskrit, coral is known as Moonga, Praval, Vidrum, and Angarakmani. In Persian, it is known as Mirzan. Coral is found in the sea. A good quality coral is shining red in color with a slight orange hue. It should be round or oval, or triangular in shape. A long, narrow coral should not be worn since it brings ill luck. White spots found on coral portend health problems to the wearer. A double shade in coral is considered inauspicious. The coral should be set in gold. Its weight should be between three to six carats. Coral Bracelet: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/product/jewelry/coral-bracelet-jvg37/ Bracelets: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/jewelry/bracelets/ Jewelry: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/jewelry/bracelets/
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Handmade Bhagawan Ganesha Bronze Statue With Designer Big Arch
The majestic Lord Ganesha is seated on an upturned-lotus throne. This chaturbhujadhari (the one possessed of four arms) figure seated in lalitasana is a widely loved and worshipped roopa (form) of the deity. What makes this a unique work of art is the medium in which it is fashioned and the finesse with which it has been executed. It is a panchaloha sculpture handpicked from the finest studios of Swamimalai, home of contemporary traditional-style bronze sculptures. Ganesha Bronze Statue: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/product/sculptures/19-bhagawan-ganesha-with-designer-big-arch-handmade-madhuchista-vidhana-lost-wax-panchaloha-bronze-from-swamimalai-zep625/ Ganesha Statue: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/sculptures/hindu/ganesha/ Bronze Statue: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/sculptures/bronze/ Sculptures: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/sculptures/ #sculptures #bronzestatues #ganeshastatue #bronzeganeshastatue #hindugod #handmadesculptures #statues #lordganesha
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Goddess Lakshmi Wall Hanging Brass Plate
Lakshmi is one of the most popular goddesses of Hindu mythology and is known as the goddess of wealth and purity. She is the consort of the god Vishnu and is the mother of 19 children. The circular Goddess Lakshmi brass Wall Hanging is tinted with a tinge of bright golden color, as it encapsulates a divine event of the charming goddess, with finely embossed carvings that are beautifully eye-catching. It is gracefully ornamented with deeply carved ripples, producing huge waves that crash over. Goddess Lakshmi Wall Hanging: https://exoticindiaart.com/product/sculptures/goddess-lakshmi-wall-hanging-plate-zbv74/ Goddess Lakshmi: https://exoticindiaart.com/sculptures/brass/goddess/lakshmi/ Goddess Wall Hanging: https://exoticindiaart.com/sculptures/brass/goddess/ Brass Wall Hanging: https://exoticindiaart.com/sculptures/brass/ #sculptures #wallhangings #brasswallhanging #goddesslakshmiwallhanging #goddesslakshmi #brassgoddesslakshmi #brasssculpture #wallhangingplate
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Lady with Her Messenger Bird - Canvas Oil Paintings
Anup Gomay is known for his artistic ability to provide picturesque backgrounds to his amazing paintings. In this painting, he encapsulates a baby blue sky decorated with cotton-like clouds and contrasted it with a lush green setting, capturing rich American sycamores that give it an eye-catching look. The painting is bordered by a red brick pillared balustrade that is imprinted with ethnic patterns and turns out to be the seating area of a beautiful Indian damsel. Lady With Bird Oil Painting: https://exoticindiaart.com/product/paintings/lady-with-her-messenger-ou32/ Oil Paintings: https://exoticindiaart.com/paintings/oils/ Paintings: https://exoticindiaart.com/paintings/
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Samurai Brass Statues
This statue is that of a Samurai, the warrior class and self-sacrificing knights of Japan. In Japanese history the Samurai have played a variety of roles-commanders on the battlefield, assassins in the night, keepers of peace and that of aristocratic administrators. Here the Samurai is shown kneeling on his knees. This posture is known as Sonkyo-zo in Japanese. Both of his hands rest on his thighs. He is wearing a kami-shimo consisting of an undershirt, a jacket, sash and trousers. His hair is tightly drawn back into the obligatory queue. The outer garment is incised with various motifs. Samurai Sculpture: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/product/sculptures/samurai-ZZ53/ Tribal Statues: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/sculptures/brass/tribal/ Brass Sculpture: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/sculptures/brass/ Sculptures: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/sculptures/
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Wrap-Around Long Skirt with Printed Flowers
A semi-formal fashion, in wearing this piece of ensemble is quite informal, casual and effortless, but graceful as it is this wrap is as much suited to a formal event or as office wear. Sufficiently skirting and with as much length, despite that it is open on one side, even when seated in an official meeting or bowing to work it keeps the legs covered. In the contemporary life-mode when working young girls share a room, and sometimes also articles of day-today use, with its free size a wrapping skirt might also serve as a shared wear – one’s half-a-dozen becoming a dozen when shared with a friend’s half-a-dozen. Wrap-Around Long Skirt: https://www.exoticindia.com/product/textiles/wrap-around-long-skirt-with-printed-flowers-STK38/ Skirts: https://www.exoticindia.com/textiles/skirts/ Textiles: https://www.exoticindia.com/textiles/ #textiles #indiantextiles #skirts #wraparound #longskirt #fashion #moderndress #womenswear
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