£125.00 Vitiligo Cream with Sun therapy | Verdura Mela Pro Cream

Vitiligo Cream with Sun therapy | Verdura Mela Pro Cream

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Vedura mela pro cream – Best cream for vitiligo with Quick action and absolutely safe.Psoralen in mela pro cream which entraps and enhances the benefit of the Sun/UV rays when mild exposure is given. Sunlight being entrapped by psoralen kindles the genetic memory of the damaged melanocytes resulting into melanin production.
Verduramela pro cream is a topical natural psoralen tested to be safe under Hypo-allergenic and non-cytotoxicity tests.The plant Psoraleacorylifolia (Babchi) key active of mela pro cream possess Quick active and fast metabolism. Verduramela pro cream with Psoralen, the vital constituent present in Psoraleacorylifolia enhances the photo response of skin to maximize the advantage of sun.
Mela pro cream prevents skin cells multiplication in psoriatic conditions. Mela pro cream kindles genetic memory of the skin to produce melanin in vitiligo. Mela pro cream increases the susceptibility of skin to UV rays. Mela pro cream contains natural Psoralen, the chemical constitue
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