£205.00 Vitiligo oil | Tolenorm oil best for Vitiligo treatment

Vitiligo oil | Tolenorm oil best for Vitiligo treatment

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Tolenorm oil is a vitiligo oil that made vitiligo treatment simpler. A natural vitiligo oil formulated with non-polar actives and safe for long term use. Vitiligo oil that restricts the disease progression. Safe vitiligo oil for use with non - greasy and non-messy formula. Vitiligo oil helpful in retaining the existing melanised skin. Safe and affordable vitiligo oil offers quick absorption, faster action and longer drug availability which is necessary to regain pigments. Special vitiligo oil with great adhesion power on vitiligenous skin which is very smooth and non-cytotoxic. Vitiligo oil provides an extra barrier to ensure sustained release of actives. Most effective vitiligo oil increases dendrite length in melanocytes and helps in melanin transfer to the epidermal skin cells. Specially formulated vitiligo oil containing Wrightiatinctoria, Psoraleacorylifolia, Indigoferatinctoria&Piper longum. Vitiligo oil improves melanogenesis / melanin synthesis and helpful for hypopigmentary di
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