£0.00 Why Not To Use Free Antivirus Software?

Why Not To Use Free Antivirus Software?

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Free antivirus software doesn't provide the all-around protection you need against today's biggest online threats. Entrusting your computer, applications, files, and identity to free antivirus software can end up costing you more time, trouble, and money. Experts agree that today's biggest online threats arise when free antivirus software doesn't stop: threats like rootkits, bots, keyloggers, hackers, phishing scams, and infected websites get by with most free antivirus software. These threats can pose an even greater danger than viruses, not only to your computer and files but also to your bank account. They can lead to hard drive failure, system failure, or even worse, impersonation. And this is when using free antivirus software can get very expensive. In addition, free antivirus software only deals with threats after they have attacked and had the opportunity to damage your computer and files.
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