£0.00 Work Freelance, No Tech skills Required

Work Freelance, No Tech skills Required

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Work Freelance, No Tech skills Required
Why become a Shiplance freelancer partner?
Shiplance is a freelancer platform for non-technical service based micro-jobs. At Shiplance, we help connect clients globally with freelancers who can provide micro jobs services that are limited to clients geographically
• Create a professional profile by filling in complete and accurate information and verify your identity (For security and database purpose)
• Provide stellar services, do not apply for jobs you cannot perform in the best of your ability. Clients will get to review your work publicly, freelancer profiles with less than 4-star reviews in a period of 6 months will get suspended. At shiplance, quality is more important than quantity.
• No tech skills are required for freelancers in order to work as a freelancer on Shiplance
• A laptop or Camera mobile phone incase client would l
Register your profile at:https://shiplance.com/
Or send as an email at: [email protected]
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